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♟Kathy Lien is one of the most successful Forex traders around. Not only has she made loads of money

♟Kathy Lien is one of the most successful Forex traders around. Not only has she made loads of money

TopAsiaFX - successful Forex traders
She is also one of the most well respected writers and authors about Forex trading.
♟Kathy got her start in forex trading in 1999. She started at JP Morgan in a rotational program that gave her introduction to many markets, which is how she realized currencies is something she wanted to focus on.
Kathy's recommended top three brokers: 1. http://bit.ly/2O6t0Gf 2. http://bit.ly/38ILtAw 3. http://bit.ly/3aPqwWw
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book on trading with news

good afternoon, i just read the book "the little book of currecy trading" by kathy lien, and i liked the chapter on trading with news, i would like to know if anyone can refer me a book on how to trade forex with news?
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book on trading with news

good afternoon, i just read the book "the little book of currecy trading" by kathy lien, and i liked the chapter on trading with news, i would like to know if anyone can refer me a book on how to trade forex with news?
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Reality Check, Please

Hi everyone,
Seeing the recent volatility in the markets has inspired me to brush off my trading cap and try my hand again after taking a year and a half hiatus. I’m currently in college studying International Economics and I’m hoping trading will be a good way to put my some of my schooling to work.
I am trying to estimate the feasibility of starting up a small account (~10k) with a few of my classmates who are top students studying Computer Science/Finance/Econ. What sort of returns are to be expected for relative beginners in current FOREX volatility?
Our current plan is to swing trade, taking intraweek positions to capture the back and forth in the EUUSD. I have completed the BabyPips course and have read some other books (namely Kathy Lien’s best selling FOREX manual). From googling around in forums, it has been hard to filter the bullshit returns that lots of folks claim to have. How realistic is a 5% monthly target? Would I be better off putting my 10k in another asset class now and walking away?
Thanks for you help! Any advice is appreciated.
Edit: Hey folks thanks for the advice! So far there’s been a range of optimism, which has been inspiring and fun to read. I wrote this post on the fly, and I understand I made it seem as if I were going to dump a whole 10k all at once for 3 trades. Not the plan for now..
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Wife's accoung is being impersonated!

My wife is being impersonated by an account on Instagram, I posted this a couple of weeks ago and then deleted because I couldn't deal with being attacked as a troll. Her original account is private but then we found someone with 19K followers posting pics of us and our children and soliciting money for a bitcoins scheme. My wife doesn't do bitcoin, she's more of a foreign currency strategist than a crypto person. To simplify, this is her twitter account: https://twitter.com/kathylienfx
It points to her new legit Instagram here:https://www.instagram.com/kathylienofficial/
Notice her last name is Lien, not Lein.
We are dealing with a fake account here:https://www.instagram.com/kathyleinofficial/
This guy used to be called @kl_forex_trading_guide but renamed the account to confuse with my wife's real account.
I was called a troll because he has 22K followers and my wife only has 350-ish but this is her real account.
I just had her apply for verification using her passport, what else can be done to remove an impersonation account?
Rob (Kathy's husband)
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Come Into My Trading Room - Alexander Elder.pdf
Currency Strategy A Practitioner's Guide To Currency Trading, Hedging And Forecasting.pdf
Currency Trading For Dummies - 2nd Edition by Brian Dolan.pdf
Day trading & Swing trading the currency market_Technical and fundamental strategies to profit from market moves-Kathy Lien.pdf
Elder Alexander - Trading For A Living.pdf
J. Person - A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics(2004).pdf
Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading.pdf
Millionaire Traders How Everyday people are beating Wall Street at its own game.pdf
Naked Forex High-Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators -Wiley Trading.pdf
reminiscences of a stock operator - edwin lefevre.pdf
Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets A Comprehensive Guide to Trading.pdf
The Disciplined Trader-Developing Winning Attitudes.pdf
The New Market Wizards.pdf
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The Double-Bollinger Trading Strategy - YouTube Kathy Lien: Learn the 3Ms of Forex Trading News Trading Strategies with Kathy Lien Day with Forex Bank Traders (Kathy Lien & Daniel Ang) Forex Trading - What Works in Scalping - YouTube

BK Asset Management, Boris Schlossberg Kathy Lien, Forex Managed Accounts by World renowned Currency Strategists. Daily Forex News and Analysis Kathy Lien Professional Binary and Forex trading expert 💹 Avenel, New Jersey, United States 13 connections Kathy Lien is an Internationally Published Author and Managing Director of BK Asset Management. Her trading books include the following: 1) For beginners, “The Little Book of Currency Trading (2010, Wiley).” 2) THIRD edition of the highly acclaimed, internationally published “Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit form Market ... Kathy Lien graduated from New York University's Stern School of Business and began her career on Wall Street at age 18, with a specific focus on currencies. ... Kathy joined Global Futures & Forex ... By Kathy Lien in ECB, euro, forex blog, Forex News, gbpusd October 5, 2016 0 Comment. Got the chance to appear on CNBC World Wide Exchange with Sara Eisen this morning talking about my Targets for GBP, USD/JPY and comments on EURO Watch Now. Lots of Good Stuff.

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The Double-Bollinger Trading Strategy - YouTube

Met up with Kathy Lien, a former forex bank trader with JP Morgan. You may see her commonly featured in cnbc as well. You might also have seen Daniel Ang, whom I interviewed a while ago who shared ... Kathy Lien: Forex Trading Tactics - Picking Tops and Bottoms, Joining a Trend at Value - Duration: 56:30. FXStreet 15,044 views. 56:30. How to day trade forex during volatility with FX Evolution ... The "Double-Bollinger" trading strategy can help traders find and validate trend-based opportunities in volatile market conditions, explains Kathy Lien. http... Get forex trading signals with http://www.bkforexadvisors.com, learn to trade forex and get forex trading strategies from Boris Schlossberg Kathy Lien Date of issue: 30 September 2015. Speaker: Kathy Lien. Kathy Lien, Managing Partner of BKForex and author of the best-selling book Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market, will talk ...